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Lytham Logistics

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Lytham Logistics
was created by myself to keep a number of personal friends who have a passion for playing Euro Truck competitively. We are based in the United Kingdom, I am looking for drivers that share my passion and dedication. A relaxed atmosphere whilst driving serious miles.

Lytham Logistics
A great opportunity to compete. You won't feel as if your mileage is being taken for granted. Having run one of the UK's most successful VTC's in the past, bringing it to the only VTC in the UK to over 3million miles in one month' also achieving No1 Status, 5 times in a row, you are in good hands. . If you're serious about competing on Euro Truck and want to progress through the ranks with like-minded drivers, then apply for Lytham Logistics.

✔ Competitive 3700 miles per week
✔ Euro Truck focused
✔ Driver ranks to achieve
✔ Flexible length convoys
✔ Open to Drivers feedback & suggestions
✔ Experienced Staff
Company Rules
No limit
ETS2 Limit 5 955 km
ATS No limit
⚠ - No Bullying, Harassment or any form of Discrimination will NOT be Tolerated at any time.
⚠ - Drivers MUST be 18 years old or Older. Younger by Appointment
⚠ - All Employees must use discord to communicate with other members of the VTC
⚠ - A link to our discord server will be given after your application is approved
⚠ - Drivers please be aware we do not tolerate Drivers Exceeding 62mph in ETS
⚠ - Any driver who is asleep for 1 month will be removed from the company
⚠ - Be courteous to all other company members and all other drivers on MP
⚠ - Drivers who suffer abuse in any form from ANY VTC, or INDIDUAL must report this to the Driver Manager, and The Owner. NO PERSONAL
RETALIATION Will be condoned by the INDIVIDUAL. Evidence of such will be required.

Miles Requirement: 3700 miles per week

We can Change these rules from time to time, you will be notified of this

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