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The company was dissolved!

Panthers Haulage

Company Management
Panthers_Kev Founder
Company Description
Welcome to Panthers Haulage.
If you like ETS or ATS we are the company for you. With weekly sim server and promods convoys something to suit everyone!. We are in this all for fun so if you you would like to join the company the please click the "Application" button at the top of the page.

Requirements for the company.
+ Must be 16+
+ Have 15 hours plus on ETS or ATS
+ No bans from TruckersMP in the last 6 months
+ Must join the discord before being accepted into the company to make it easier to get in contact with you if necessary
+ Have fun
Company Rules
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Limit 3 000 km
American Truck Simulator Limit 3 000 mi
Rules for the company

1. Must have an active discord account. Have the same or a similar trucksbook and discord account to make it easier to get in contact with you if necessary.
2. Keep under 100km/hr at all times
3. Try and not do race miles as there of no use to the company.
4. Use the company skin and colour scheme when in truckersmp and display the company name in the tag.
5. We are here for fun. Any harassment of any kind or racist abuse will not be tolerated.
6. Must have at least 15 hours in ETS or ATS
7. Must be 16+
8. Must log at least 3000KMs in either ETS or ATS per month
9. Have fun

Convoy Rules
1. Use company colours
2. Obey Convoy rules
3. No trolling